Complete the job in one trip!

HIVE Is a Standalone Solution

  • Minimal impact on your IT Department
  • You can fully integrate it now or later when you’re ready
The Current Normal for Service Calls

When a service request is received, it takes multiple phone calls and emails to gather all the information needed to schedule and complete the repairs.

HIVE Quick Response Normal

With the Hive app, the authorized service requester simply scans the encrypted decal for that piece of equipment, acknowledges if the unit is operational, notes the issue, takes photos, and hits send. In less than 30 seconds, a service call is placed with 100% accurate data.

How Hive helps your team respond effectively

Your service team sees exactly what the problem is and understands the level of urgency. The dispatcher plans the call as to achieve the highest 1st call completion rate as possible. The work order number, photo of the issue, equipment location and point of contact are sent in advance to the technician.

  • Increased 1st Call Completion by over 60%
  • Costumer is communicated automatically through SMS Texting. This allows for a 75% reduction in follow-up phone calls into the Service Provider.
  • 15% Increase in Technician Utilization
The result
  • Increased Customer Retention
  • Unique Service Request Solution
  • Differentiation in your Market Place
Improvements with HIVE QR

Increase first time
job completions


Reduce the number of follow up calls and emails


Increase in
technician utilization


Accuracy of
equipment information


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