Achieving Excellence in Dealer/Distributor Performance

Achieving Excellence in Dealer/Distributor Performance is filled with practical programs to strengthen and increase profitability, cash flow and customer retention in machinery sales, rentals, service, parts and customer training.

Improving an industrial equipment business has four requirements:

  1. Measure the dealership against proper benchmark metrics. These 48 Critical Profit Variables are covered in detail in this text.
  2. Determine where you stand, find the gaps in your performance. Comprehensive selfassessment tools are provided.
  3. Identify “best practices” of high-performance dealers. Recommendations are made for each Revenue Center: New and Used Equipment, Parts, Service and Rentals.
  4. Energize your company into a continuous improvement program. Numerous team discussion projects are included in the text.

McDonald Group Institute for Dealer Development founder and author Walter McDonald has based this text on 40 years’ experience in dealer management consulting and over 2,650 dealer management workshops.

In many ways, this book is a written reflection of his live dealer management seminars. If you are familiar with his work, you know that he focuses on the real value generating activities of the business. He is in the trenches with the dealer managers and field sales and aftermarket reps who create real value and make it happen every hour of every day in the dealership.

McDonald’s dealer management guide is an absorbing refresher for informed senior executives and a highly useful handbook for those future dealer leaders and related OEM managers on the way up.

Reader’s Guide to Achieving Excellence in Dealer/Distributor Performance

What is a Reader’s Guide? This Reader’s Guide, by Walter McDonald, delivers a practical introduction to Achieving Dealer Excellence by guiding readers towards a thorough understanding of the text. You will see the backstory and gain insights as to why each section is important.

This Guide highlights areas that could be especially valuable to you in your dealer business, detailing what actions you can take to gain and maintain significant competitive advantage. Please keep in mind, at 377 pages, Achieving Excellence is a very comprehensive text.

So, please take your time. Walter suggests you read one section and then reflect on and discuss the management tools and best practices with your team. Two Special Reports are included in the text.

The first is an amazing Product Support Success Story on how an equipment dealer achieved remarkable financial success over the past 8 years, building on the principles and practices learned in Walter’s Master’s Program in Dealer Management Workshop. The second Special Report is a practical guide on How to Avoid OEM Agreement Problems.

Here is what Industry Leaders are saying about Achieving Excellence in Dealer Distributor Performance

“This dealer guide actually contains two books, one book with benchmarks and advice on what the numbers mean and the second book on how to improve the numbers. This manuscript could have been subtitled: ‘real metrics, real solutions.’ The dealer/distributor can analyze its business operations through the performance yardsticks presented in this timely publication.”
By Nick W. McGaughey, CPA

“This dealer text is very well thought out, well written, easy to read and follow. I believe it will be very beneficial to dealer principals and operating managers.”
By Dr. Shankar Basu, CEO, Toyota-Lift of Los Angeles

“I particularly like the section ‘How This Book Can Help’ included early on in the work to help the user focus in on their primary trouble spot. I also appreciate the inclusion of the figure on ‘Terminology.’ I think it does a good job of setting up the frame of reference for the user.”
By Jim Johnson, Former Dealer Development Manager, Navistar

“I think dealer principals, operations and general managers, and sales, parts, service and rentals could all use this book. I can see value in taking this as a group reading project in our dealership and having weekly discussions on certain chapters.”
By George M. Keen, Operations Manager of New Virginia Tractor

“I very much believe this will be a very beneficial tool to any dealership wanting to set achievement points to their success in all areas of operation.”
By Mike O’Donnell, President & CEO, Stuart Tank Sales

“This type of manual for a Dealer Principal is new and I think it is needed.”
By Bill L. Ryan, President, LiftOne

“Everything in this book is on target and relevant to running a successful dealership in today’s world.”
By John Shearer, General Manager Construction and Forestry, 4Rivers Equipment

“This book has given me the opportunity to reflect, review and compare our current processes to the industry specific benchmarks that are discussed in the book. This effort has challenged me to go back to the basics of good business and review those (points) with others in our organization.”
By Stuart Thompson, President, Garrison Toyota Material Handling

“This is a new manager training tool. I think new line managers should be reading this book so they understand how a Dealer Principal thinks when he looks at his business metrics and challenges.”
By Joe Verzino, President, LifTech


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